Guranteed Performance Increase!

Solid State Drive Installations...

Noticed your computer running slower that normal? The chances are the answer is yes! Any device after 3- 4 years will always appear slower than it was when it was new. The most common cause of this issue is the mechanical hard drive inside wears out. In turn this will cause slower transfer speeds of data resulting in a much slower user experience.

To regain performance and stability, most people will see this slow down as a reason to replace their machine. However the chances are that your device still has life in it yet! THE TEK HUT can install a modern Solid State Drive (SSD) in place of your ageing mechanical drive. This process will instantly give your machine that much needed boost it so desperately needs.

Every user's storage requirements are different so why not call into the shop to discuss the various options available to getting the performance of a new PC for a fraction of the price!

PC Service (Virus/Malware Removal)

Most machines have minor issues at any given moment but left ignored can lead to more severe issues. To reduce this risk we recommend that you get your device services at least once every 12 - 18 months depending on use.​

A TEK HUT health check service puts your machine through various different processes to ensure that any infections/rogue software are removed correctly. We also make sure that all relevant updates for the operating system and certain programs are installed whilst also checking for any potential hardware faults...


At THE TEK HUT we cover a wide range of repairs both to MAC's and PC's. This consists of replacement keyboards, power connectors, chargers, hard drives and much more.​

Our FREE initial check allows us to identify any required repairs and provide a detailed no obligation quote to ensure that your device is repaired to the highest standard as quick as possible.

​To arrange a check, please call into the shop or phone 01275 855506 Alternatively feel free to email at

Fresh Install / PC Clean Up

On the rare occasion your device may require it's operating system to be re-installed to ensure it returns to its correct operational state.

​This process is always discussed with the customer to ensure that the whole process goes a smoothly as possible. If required, personal data can be retrieved beforehand and then re-instated after the operating system has been re-installed.

Call Outs

From faults with wireless printing to networking, THE TEK HUT offers an onsite service to help make the most from your IT equipment. ​

To book a visit please contact us to arrange a convenient time to get your IT equipment back on track and working it's best again.